Testimonial from Ryan U. Thank you!

I read your book this weekend. Gina, it was awesome! I read it in a day (something unheard of for me). I loved the insight. You are a great writer. If there was any criticism it would be that I wanted more. Your experiences and what you’ve learned from them were so compelling that I could not stop reading. I even read during Ward Council meeting… (We’ll count that as my confession.) 

My wife has talked about going to law school for a while now. I’d never considered it because I’m pretty deep into my career, but I’ve recently had some experiences that have made me want to change. I actually started considering law school, and after reading your book I’m giving it more thought. I like helping people, and after reading your words I keep thinking that what would be better than helping those who nobody else wants to help. I have to admit, I knew a defense lawyer in Mexico and my initial reaction was not good. But, as I read your point of view I kept thinking, “They are children of our Heavenly Father.” How easy it is for us to forget that! It was awesome to read your stories, to realize that you rely on the spirit, and that you help people to–in a certain sense–repent for their actions. Of course, many of those people are compelled to do so by the law, but it’s the first step. You distinguished that there are people who are hardened criminals, but there are also the others who just made a mistake and find themselves in deep trouble. All of them, however, are children of a divine maker, so even though they’ve done bad, they are all inherently good.

Wow. I loved it. Thank you so much for writing your book and sharing your testimony. My wife is reading it now. I have no doubt when she’s done she’ll start applying for law schools right away.


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